• Ideal for older cats and small dogs, or those with joint issues: for healthy sleep, relaxing and muscle and joint relief, as well as helping regulate temperature

  • With separate spelt cushion: filled with German spelt, which can be heated in the oven or microwave

  • Basic inner cushion with high quality diol fleece: a protective, structured filling that can be removed using a zip

  • Excellent warming qualities: cuddly sleeping place for your pet, offering the highest comfort

  • Warming cushion with reheatable inner cushion

  • Whether it's a chilly day or your pet is simply looking for some comfort, cats and small dogs love to be warm! This Aumüller Heated Pet Cushion is filled with high-quality fleece, which is particularly stable and helps support your dog, offering comfort and preventing wearing out. A further separate inner cushion with a cotton cover is filled with German spelt. It can be removed and heated in the microwave or oven, so in just moments the Cushion can offer your dog or cat a warm and snuggly place to snooze! Spelt has excellent warming properties, which can be repeated and always offer the perfect bed to nestle into. Particularly old pets or those with joint issues can benefit from the Cushion, helping to offer healthy and calming sleep. The muscles can relax, relieving the joints and regulating heat. The cover of the Cushion can be removed via a zip and washed on a delicate cycle. This helps to prevent any unpleasant smells from developing! The Cushion is an absolute must to provide your cat or small dog with cosy evenings - cold, uncomfortable floors are a thing of the past! No odour build up Material: Cover: 100% polyester (high-pile plush) with zip closure Filling: diol fleece as base; separate inner cushion with spelt to remove and reheat Spelt cushion: cover 100% cotton Spelt cushion: diameter 26 x (H) 2 cm Filling weight: spelt 650g Care instructions: Cover: washable on a cold delicates cycle; do not spin Spelt cushion: do not wash Use: to heat up the spelt cushion in the oven, heat it to approx. 80°C. In the microwave, heat for approx. 1 minute in a 600W machine. Shake up the cushion to mix all the spelt kernels, then check with the back of your hand that the cushion is at the desired temperature. Repeat if necessary. Monitor the cushion throughout heating, no matter whether you are using the oven or the microwave.

    Aumüller Heated Pet Cushion - B0799LZGTK

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    Aumüller Heated Pet Cushion - B0799LZGTK

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